Who Am I?

Hello I am Natasha Caracter, the founder and CEO of Alpha Investments Real Estate Solutions. When I came up with the idea for the company I was working in default mortgaging for a bank that had an overwhelming increase in their foreclosure portfolio due to the mortgage crisis that started back in 2008. At the time it was 2010 and I was learning a lot in a short amount of time, so back then it did not go any further than a thought. However, unknowingly, I was in preparation for something not even I could have imagined.

In learning my job efficiently, by taking home the training material and thoroughly going through it, I learned an abundance of information about loss mitigation and default servicing of home loan mortgages that would later be beneficial to creating a business designed and purposed for the task of ensuring people had alternative options to some of these programs being offered.

Don’t get me wrong, the banks have great options out there that are suited for some, but not necessarily for others. However, as with most things, there are pros and cons. For some the benefits outweigh the costs. Those are not the people we market to or provide our services to. The people we help are those who do not see the benefits of any of the options the banks offer and would like more options to consider. The people who are concerned about their credit and preserving it as much as possible.

The day that made the biggest impact on my life and my decision to start AIRES, was one day around February of 2011. We had just completed our training and had now been live on the floor for about 2 weeks. As with any call center environment, calls are recorded so you must follow a script. Well one of the questions we were required to ask as part of said script, which I hated asking every single time was, “What caused you to default on your mortgage?” I don’t know why, but for me, to ask that question seemed so invasive and condescending in a way. Well, for the most part, people pretty much answer the question the same. This made asking the question easier as time went on. Until one day, I’ll never forget, I had an elderly woman on the phone whose answer I was NOT prepared to hear. I still remember her name, address, number, and every detail about her situation until this very day. I will respect her privacy and just briefly explain our conversation.

On that call, this sweet elderly woman was asked by me, young, naive and yes, ignorant to the real issues and effects caused by the market crash, a question whose answer changed my life. This woman’s response was that “each month [she] had to decide between paying her mortgage, for her much needed medication, or for groceries for the month.” I was not only humbled, but I was deeply bothered by what I was hearing as she continued to tell me her story from start to finish. I was so appalled! We live in America, how can we have people having to make such detrimental life decisions every month! After the call, I had become so emotional that I had to excuse myself off the floor. That entire night I could not sleep and just began to pray for each and every one of the homeowners I talk to on a daily basis going through similar situations.

I went far in that line of business. All the way up to the legal division called State Mediation where I attending foreclosure hearings, mediations, and trials representing the interest of the bank to improve judicial and homeowner relations in counties with extremely large backlogged foreclosure portfolios. These were counties were the foreclosure process or pre-foreclosure process was already in motion on a high percentage of the homes in the area. My job was to go to court, accompanied by the bank’s foreclosure attorney, and negotiate favorable terms for the bank and homeowner with the judge and homeowner’s attorney, in an attempt to avoid foreclosure where possible. Our team was able to achieve the required results, however, in most cases, statistics show that most homeowners who enter into a loan modification agreement, ultimately end up re-defaulting after 6 months.

I remained in default mortgaging for 5 years before deciding that I had gotten and learned all I could from that particular line of business and decided to move on to treasury. However, the impression left by that one call never faded. That was the year I decided I would start learning about real estate from the bottom up. I started attending real estate seminars which turned out to be real estate investing seminars. Once I started learning the investment side and all the different exit strategies that could be used to help the people I use to interact with. This made me wonder if they even knew they had these options available to them. I concluded that they could not know, otherwise they would be making use of them. This is when I decided that I would make sure they knew! Almost 2 years later to the date, Alpha Investment Real Estate Solutions LLC was born! To be the answer homeowners need when they feel they have run out of options and have no answers.

I was born and raised in central/southern New Jersey. My entire life I’ve always known that helping people is what gives me the most joy. Knowing that I have made a difference or brightened at least one person’s day, literally releases happy chemicals from my brain to my blood stream. Unfortunately, it was not until God actually placed me in a position that slowly developed my true purpose, did I realize I had spent thousands of dollars and years obtaining an education in a field I knew I would be of service to help people, but had zero passion for. I have a degree in biology I received from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, NC. My intention was to attend the school of pharmacy in Chapel Hill until an internship at a local pharmacy discouraged me. I then began to think, what can I do in medicine that will give me the same income and no extra time in school. That was when I decided I would be an Anesthesia Nurse and entered a program in Raleigh, NC. The key factor here is that I was chasing the money and not the purpose. This led to another shift in career goals and returning home with no plan, no job, no money, and no vision. While I was waddling in my own self pity, a couple of day later, I got a call asking if I was interested in a bank job and if so report to work Monday afternoon at 3pm. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where God stepped in and began pushing me toward my purpose He had already planned for my life. Putting me on the path that would lead to a vision placed inside of me being realized.

As a mother, it is important that display the qualities and values that I want to instill in my son. He is at a crucial time and age where what I do or say can have a huge impact on how he thinks and acts. He does not only watch me help others, I include him in as many of my events as I can so he can have an opportunity to give back and help as well. To whom much is given much is required. I will always humbly remember this and act in accordance. Through my vision lives WILL be changed. If that doesn’t excite you or drive your passion, I honestly believe nothing will because it is not about how much money you make that defines success, its about the number of people you have helped and made a positive impact in their lives! This is why we invest in people first, real estate second!