Welcome! I am truly happy you found our page! Whatever your real estate needs or situation may be, AI is the Answer! Whether you are looking to sell your property quickly for cash, partner with us as a buyer to purchase a property in our inventory, or if you are an investor friendly Realtor looking to grow working together with AI, we are here to help and serve who we can, when we can, in any way we can!

Here at Alpha Investments Real Estate Solutions we set our goals high. We aim to provide quality, one of a kind service in a unique and one of a kind way. How do we do this you ask? Well, simply put, we efficiently utilize our network and resources to connect the right buyers with just the right sellers! Sounds easy, right? Most of the time we get lucky and it is, but sometimes we come across some one off situations that require a bit more elbow grease to work out! The key is to make sure we are familiar with the specific needs of our sellers as well as our buyers. We build rapport by taking the time to understand exactly who it is we are working with and from there we are able to zero in on their specific needs. We maintain and operate under the principles of always being Honest, Open, and Transparent. We are held to a high level of integrity and will not close on any deal that does not benefit everyone involved.

As real estate wholesalers, we acquire properties from sellers looking to sell fast and willing to do so at a discounted off market purchase amount to be settled in ALL CASH at closing. We focus our efforts on utilizing creative investment strategies to assist good people who, for any number of legitimate reasons, have fallen on hard times and now facing default or the pre-foreclosure process.  We offer a variety of resources to educate and assist homeowners looking to retain their property as well as homeowners who know liquidation is their best option early on. In addition, we DO NOT turn away homeowners looking to work with their mortgage company on one of their loss mitigation/pre-foreclosure options. For some homeowners, the benefits of these options outweigh the risks. BUT… That’s right! If you are a homeowner facing a hardship where default on your mortgage is imminent or you have already defaulted on payments, and you are in need of assistance with understanding and submitting a Request for Mortgage Assistance Package (RMA) to your bank, we will sit down with you to walk through the paperwork in order to ensure processing is not held up for any reason. As time is definitely of the essence in these delicate situations. We are dedicated to helping homeowners avoid foreclosure, that includes ALL homeowners, not just the ones looking to liquidate with us.

As long as investors are always looking to buy off market properties to add to their rental portfolios or to rehab in order to turn a profit, there should be no need for anyone in a distressed situation to feel foreclosure is their only option. We are constantly partnering with and looking for investor buyers who share our same passion for making a difference that will have a tremendous positive impact on the lives of so many people…..if only homeowners knew selling or negotiating deals with real estate investors is very much a viable option as any of the options their banks are offering to avoid foreclosure. The difference you ask??? Our strategies have less impact on their credit and allows them to walk away from their property free and clear, never having to worry about the burden again.

At AI we stay on top of market trends and updates to provide the best and most accurate information to our buyers and sellers. We are able to perform accurate market analysis on comps in the target areas, estimate repairs based on national averages, and evaluate returns on rental properties. We are constantly taking classes, attending REI events, and participating in coaching events to make sure we remain on the cutting edge of new and innovative ways to utilize real estate investing to help those in need.

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